Frequently Asked Questions about the 30 SECONDS Motorized Sprayer

You ask, we answer. From phone calls to emails, we receive a lot of questions about the 30 SECONDS Motorized Sprayer. We thought it might be helpful to provide a central location with answers.

One joy of working so closely with our loyal customers is being able to hear their needs and offer a solution. Our Motorized Sprayer was created for customers that approached us regarding issues with carpal tunnel, arthritis and other physical limitations that made it hard for them to repeatedly squeeze a trigger sprayer or pump the tank sprayer. The Motorized Sprayer is a tool that offers a strong stream without the physical demand.


What job is the Motorized Sprayer ideal for?
The Motorized Sprayer is ideal for smaller jobs such as planters, bird baths, awnings, garden décor, stepping stones, tents, tarps, pool toys or furniture, outdoor furniture, awnings, children’s play equipment, head stones and more. It's a fast, easy solution for outdoor clean up.


Where can I find the motorized sprayer?
Our motorized sprayers are available nationwide, check out our Store Locator and Online Retailers to find all of our 30 SECONDS products.

Does it use the same product as your original Outdoor Cleaner?

Yes! This is a ready-to-use formula, but still the same Outdoor Cleaner we’ve manufactured since 1977. It removes stains from algae, mold and mildew.

How does the motorized sprayer compare to the regular concentrate?
When it comes to efficacy, there is no difference in the power sprayer. However, this product is designed for those smaller jobs around the home. If you’re looking to clean a larger surface area, then you’d be better served getting our Pump Sprayer with a concentrate bottle, available in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes to match your job.


What sort of results can I expect from the sprayer?
Remember that this sprayer is a motorized version of a typical trigger sprayer. You'll get the same approximate distance and coverage as a manually operated sprayer — minus the physical demand.


How much surface area will it cover?
The motorized sprayer comes with 1.3 gallons of ready-to-use Outdoor Cleaner. However, coverage varies depending on the porosity of the surface. In general, though, the power sprayer will cover up to 400 square feet. If you have a larger project, consider getting our concentrate. Click here for retailers.

 Are the batteries included? 
Yes, the Motorized Sprayer is ready to go!


The battery pack isn’t working, my sprayer doesn’t make any noise.
Typically, the protective tab that is placed between the battery and the connection is the culprit here (see right). Make sure not only that the tab is removed, but also that it didn’t rip. Open the battery pack area and ensure that the whole tab has been removed.

I can hear the sprayer working, but nothing is coming out.

1) Ensure that the cord is in the product. 

Sometimes the cord can remain coiled when up in the bottle. Take a moment to pull the cord straight and then make sure that the end of the cord is submerged in the cleaner.

2) Double check the cord for kinks above and below the lid. 

Give the cord a firm pinch on both sides of the lid to remove a possible kink. While this is designed to be a "kinkless" hose, issues can occasionally occur with shipping and storage. The main areas to check for kinks are where the hose attaches to the sprayer, or where the hose attaches to the cap.

3) Turn the Nozzle tip to allow spray

If you are getting a slow dribble or no product, this is a common culprit. 

4) Set the bottle on the ground so that the sprayer is above it. 

Instead of holding the bottle in one hand and the trigger sprayer in the other, make sure the bottle is the ground. This pulls the cord straighter and allows the pump to pull liquid more easily.

5) Allow 45-60 seconds to prime. 

If all else has failed, a little patience might be needed. You may notice an initial squirt of liquid and then nothing. The Motorized Sprayers is tested to make sure it works;  that's where the initial bit of water comes from. From there, it can take 45 seconds to prime. Make sure you hold down the sprayer handle uninteruppted for 45 seconds. This helps the pump move the product through the hose completely. Once product starts pumping through, the sprayer should work continuously for at least the amount of time needed to apply all 1.3 gallons.

For questions about our Outdoor Cleaner, please see our FAQ page here. Not seeing an answer to your question? We would love to hear from you! 



At 30 SECONDS, we know how great our products work. But don't just take our word for it. Check out this review and photo from a satisfied Amazon customer:

"This is fantastic stuff.
We had mold on the bricks on the south side of our house. We tried using the power sprayer to remove it and it didn't even lighten the mold a bit. We tried a combination of Dawn and a scrub brush, along with the power sprayer, with absolutely no result so I went searching for a solution. While standing in the hardware store, I read the reviews on the available products and decided to give 30 Seconds a try. We bought the ready to use formula with the motorized power sprayer. The first sprayer didn't work and I have to admit, I considered getting my money back and starting with something else. I am so glad that I exchanged it instead.

"We did a small test area and, per the instructions, kept it wet for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, there was a visible improvement so we set off applying the 30 Seconds spray to the rest of the moldy bricks. After keeping it wet for 15 minutes, the bricks looked so much better than they have in years. We rinsed per the instructions and the results speak for themselves. One of the main reasons we chose this cleaner was that it was safe for plants and as you can see, we just finished planting some little bushes right in front of the area to be cleaned.

"We will likely go over the area one more time but, in reality, we could leave it as it is and we would be the only ones who could tell there used to be mold. I highly recommend this product and will definitely keep it on hand for our exterior cleaning needs." — Amazon Customer Review 

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