8 Tips for Easy Deck Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your deck is important to keeping its beauty and longevity.  These expert tips will help save you time and money when maintaining your wood deck.   View full article →

Battling Algae, Mold and Mildew in Florida

 Florida customers rejoice! 30 SECOND    Cleaners is making it even easier to remove stains from Algae, Mold and Mildew all around their homes. Check out some amazing before and after pictures. 
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Frequently Asked Questions about the 30 SECONDS Motorized Sprayer

New Products, new questions! We’ve had a few phone calls about our exciting Motorized Sprayer, and thought it's time for a central location to answer all of your questions.
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We were delighted when it was announced, earlier this  week, that  COLLIER Manufacturing (that’s us!) has won  the 2016 MAP 12th Annual Presidential Award!
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Helping Out with the Historic 2016 Louisiana Floods

Being located in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve       had our fair share of rainstorms, so when we       heard that Louisiana was under attack again       from Mother Nature, we wondered what we         could do to help. With the flood waters affecting   people in 20 parishes, we knew making a             noticeable difference was going to be rough.

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New Look, Same Great Product!

We are pleased to roll out a new look for our 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners! The new label is designed to make cleaning easier for you!  Our outdoor cleaners are easy to use and the new packaging highlights the simple instructions and amazing results.
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A Tribute to Al

As the developer of our original product, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner, Al Goetz was a colleague and friend to everyone at COLLIER Mfg. We celebrate the man that was appreciated for his bright, authentic character and straight forward approach to life. 
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Get to Know: Jill Collier

Jill Collier forms the foundation for our company and works daily to continue to grow the business that her father, Al, started many years ago. From working hard to playing hard, Jill helps to create an environment of support, fun and success for all of us at COLLIER Mfg. 

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Fall is the perfect season for 30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away

If you didn’t kill all that lichen, moss and mold off your roof, your driveway or your fence, in the Spring then Autumn is the perfect time for you. 
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Get to Know: Holly Carlin

 Holly Carlin, our forward thinking, and strategy savvy Logistics Coordinator has been with  us since May of 2013. Although her job takes her from her corner office to the warehouse,  and back again, she remains a strong core to the structure of the business.
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