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Handyman Billy's Corner Cleaning Mold and Mildew Stains Outdoors

The Last of the Getting Ready for Summer Series

Thanks for dropping by Handyman Billy's Corner for simple and cost effective home improvement tips.  Today's "we are ready for summer to come" blog entry describes a few projects I recently completed removing mold and mildew stains on an awning, patio chairs and a vinyl fence.

An associate of mine that is a landscaping contractor recommended 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner and this is my 3rd project using 30 Seconds.  The first two projects and reviews were about cleaning moss and algae.

The Problem:

In Oregon we have an abundance of mold and mildew stains that seem to appear each year through the rainy season.  A good friend of mine had mold growth on a canvas awning that partially covered her porch, a vinyl fence, and both cloth and plastic patio chairs.  She didn't think that the awning and cloth chairs were salvageable (and to be honest, I had my doubts).

Because I was more confident that the mold on the vinyl fence and plastic chairs would clean up fairly well I started with them.  The fence area was approximately 140 sq ft and there were 3 plastic patio chairs.

The Project Process:

We bought one gallon of 30 Seconds and diluted the concentrate 1-1.  Initially we started by using half a gallon of 30 Seconds and half a gallon of water and filled up my hand pump garden sprayer.

Step One:

Starting at the top of the fence I sprayed the surface from top to bottom.  I paid special attention to the cracks and where the cross beams were to make sure all moldy areas were wet with the cleaner.  Once I reached the bottom, I went back to the top and sprayed again to half way down the fence.  Gravity took care of the other half of the fence on the second go around.

Step Two:

Within just minutes we could see the mold and mildew stains streaking down the fence.  I rinsed the fence with the garden hose on a medium spray.


The 5 year old fence was just about as white as the day she bought it and there was no trace of the mold stains.  We used the same process on the moldy plastic chairs with the same, almost instantaneous results.  Mold and mildew gone!

Mold and Mildew Stains on the Awning and Cloth Chairs

The label suggests that you test for color fastness prior to cleaning fabrics, but it was "come clean or be replaced" for the awning and fabric patio chairs so we had nothing to loose.

The Process:

We used the same strategy as described above.  I sprayed the awning once, and then sprayed it a second time keeping it wet for about 4 mins.  Again, within minutes the mold and mildew stains were streaking as the cleaner started working. I rinsed it with the garden hose on a medium spray and all traces of the mildew stains were gone!  The awning was 8 years old but looked as good as an 8 year old awning could possibly look. The fabric chairs were only 2 years old and were completely rid of the mold stains and looked great.  There was no problem with the color fading on the chairs or the awning.

Me, Cheap???

For those of you who know me, I have a reputation as being somewhat frugal (ok then....downright cheap).  We rehabilitated an awning, a vinyl fence, 4 cloth chairs and 3 plastic chairs for around $10 worth of cleaner (we used 2/3 of the gallon of 30 Seconds cleaner).  Home improvement doesn't need to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you Google "30 Seconds cleaner" they have a website that has a list of retail locations.

Before and After Pictures

Customer Photos

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Ross Williams

October 28, 2014

Will this remove oil stains from a driveway?

Jill Collier

October 28, 2014

30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners will not remove oil stains from your driveway.
Our products are designed for stains from algae, mold and mildew. Stuff that develops in rainy and humid climates.


October 28, 2014

Can I use this on T-111 manufactured home siding?

Jill Collier

October 28, 2014

That’s a great question. Yes you can. The one thing to watch out for is whether it is pigmented, or stained, because those are not colorfast.
30 SECONDS will clean away the stain. For most people that doesn’t matter, since they are wanting to re-stain anyway, and using our cleaner to prep the surface.
Once you have applied 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner, and it has had time to clean, then simply rinse with a hose. Don’t pressure wash since that’s too harsh.
I think you are set for success.
Regards and have fun.
Jill Collier

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