Clean vinyl siding and Trex decking with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner

Here's what our customers have shared when they cleaned their house siding, composite decks and more.

I started cleaning my house a few days ago.  My son-in-law recommended 30 Seconds Cleaner, but I could not find it locally.  I started using Jomax, then a concentrated Clorox product and even a blue house wash sold by Lowe’s.  None of them worked to my satisfaction and all required a lot of scrubbing and still not really clean.  I had to move the ladder constantly and was forever complaining about how hard this project was and so tiring a task.  I finally ordered the 30 Seconds cleaner from an Ace Store, got it and what a difference.  All I had to do was spray it on and rinse it off.  It was almost too easy.  A side by side comparison with the places cleaned with the other products now causes me to have to go back and re-clean where I didn’t use 30 Seconds Cleaner.  I am a big fan.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I am one happy user. P. Powell

Used your cleaner on my mossy gutters and IT WORKS WOW!   J. S.

Thank you for following up on our purchase!!  Our patio is made of Fiberon decking and we used your 30 Second Cleaner last year and it did a great job.  We use it early in the Summer and then again late in the Fall.  Thank you for making a safe, easy to use product to keep our deck looking like new!!  Sincerely, S. P.

I have a synthetic Trex type deck manufactured by Fiberon called Portico. My deck is in full sun most of the day and I have had a terrible time with black mold spot coming back again and again. The ONLY product to get good results (and I have tried many) is the 30 Second product. Mix in a sprayer, let stand a few minutes, use a stiff brush on a handle and it works very well. If you have a similar problem, order with confidence. It also works very well on the vinyl siding and some apartments I own.  C. E.  Knoxville, TN

Holly, the service and product was and is outstanding! Thank you again for your help.  B. L.

Great product!   Thank You.

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