Clean your plastic furniture, vinyl fences and swings

Our customers get so excited once they've cleaned the stains from algae, mold and mildew from their plastic furniture and fences. Here's what they have to say and some examples of what great results they are getting.

Absolutely outstanding. The only problem I had is that I ran out…..I’ll be ordering more soon.

Ken B.  New England


Wow…… Vinyl fence looks new again….I have been putting off pressure washing it because of the time involved and the uneven cleaning. This product literally cut the time to a fraction of what it would take to power wash and did an amazing cleaning job….Thank you

R. Alianiello

This is my second purchase of your product and it won’t be my last. Thanks.

R. Alianiello

Hello Holly,  I have been meaning to contact you; however, just haven’t gotten to it yet.  I am so thrilled with the cleaner I have told my son, my friends and anyone else I have conversation with about it.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  I have an old (12 years) Kettler swing which is the hard plastic like material and it had gotten very green with mold over the winter. I sprayed it on, and before I could get to the next section, the first section was spotless.  I also clean a bench and the same thing.  I have no clue but all I can say it is “MAGIC”   I was visiting my son who has a 5 acre farm with the white plastic fencing and he is so interested as a lot of it needs cleaning.  He said he would probably need a lot to do the fence.  I saw on the advertisement you have 5 gallon containers and wondered if you would know how much they would be to ship to Suffolk, VA.  This may be a birthday present, lol.  Again, the product is by far the best and I will continue to push the product to people I talk with.  I look forward to hearing from you about the larger amounts.

Thank you for helping me find this wonderful product!!!

Barbara L, Suffolk VA


Heard this product advertised on the car radio.... Was searching for a product to clean my patio furniture, which happens to be WHITE!

Had already tried numerous products, which entailed; scrubbing, tons of hand towels and many many hours of hard work.

Decided to give 30seconds a try. This product is "miraculous".  After spraying, waiting 30 seconds & rinsing off I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My furniture looked better & whiter, than when I originally purchased it!! I've been raving about your product to all my friends.

You have gained a SATISFIED customer for life. Thank you!!

Ann J.

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