Three Methods for Cleaning a Wood Deck

Due to its constant exposure to the elements, a wood deck takes a lot of abuse. Dirt, mold spores, algae, mildew and discoloration may occur. Which is why you should clean your deck at least once a year to keep it looking its best. However, cleaning a deck can be extremely time-consuming and exhausting if you apply the wrong methods.

 You have several options for cleaning a deck:


  • To pressure-wash a deck, it is absolutely critical that you do not use too powerful of a spray. Too much force can destroy your wood—do not use a high-powered nozzle blog-pressure wash     under any circumstances. Pressure-washing is often time consuming and can be backbreaking…not to mention the spike in your water    utility bill.

    Cleaning by hand

    • If you choose to scrub your deck by hand, you can simply scrub the surface using a firm scrubbing brush and a solution of oxygenated bleach. This process can take hours blog-by hand deck  and leave you exhausted.

    Outdoor cleaner

    • Using an outdoor cleaner like 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner will help you get results fast. As the cleaner starts to work, it will probably go white and bubbly. After a good blog-outdoor cleaner   saturation, just brush with the grain of the wood– then hose it off. You’ll be lounging before you know it.


    Once you have allowed the clean wood to dry, replace the furniture and relax on your deck or a patio – our favorite time outdoors is when we spend it with friends and family.

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