Deck— Your Outdoor Family Room

If your deck functions as a seasonal family room during the spring, summer and fall – then you should take care of it as you would your family room floors. A small amount of effort can keep your deck looking great longer. Leave your deck untreated, and you can expect it to turn gray with age.


It doesn’t matter if your deck is already old or was just installed, these pointers will help extend its life.

  • We recommend major spring and fall deck cleanings. At these times you should inspect for damage, clean off debris with a hose, sand splinters, and use 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner to lift any algae/mold/dirt or mildew stains.
  • Throughout the year, keep an eye on your deck – sweep it frequently. Don't let leaves, especially wet leaves accumulate.
  • Keep shrubs from growing within a couple of feet of your deck, especially on the shady side of your property.
  • Clean between decking board cracks.
  • If you have potted plants on your deck, elevate them with pot feet to allow airflow underneath, or move them periodically.
  • When using our cleaner, you can really speed up the process by also using a scrub brush on the horizontal boards. These brushes can be found in the cleaning section of most home improvement stores.
    • With a scrub brush, cleaning the surface of the deck will be as fast as mopping your floor!

Although deck living can be casual and easygoing, wood decks still need regular maintenance and care – much like you take care of your other family room flooring. If you follow the steps above and stay on top of the upkeep—your deck’s life will be prolonged.

What do you think? Did we leave something out or do you have additional tips? Leave us a comment below, or if you have deck maintenance questions, let us know. We’ll pick up the phone – contact us!

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