#ThrowbackThursday: Before and After Photos

Welcome back! A few weeks ago we posted a blog post on how easy it is to use our product to clean algae, mold & mildew off vinyl siding. We promised to share the backstory about the before and after pictures featured in that post. Those pictures came from a happy customer living in Washington – and were accompanied by this email:

30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner,

I live in the green state of Washington. About a year ago, I drove to visit my brother who lives in the Nashville area. While I was staying at my brother’s house, I helped to clean up the property and did small remodeling projects around the house. I have cleaned the outside of the house with a pressure washer once before… with not so great results. I suggested that he should clean the exterior of his house with a product I found in my home state at a local Lowes store. I explained to my brother how much I liked it and how well it worked on my siding. So we ventured out to Lowes… but had no luck finding the 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner. However, we checked online and found it. My brother ordered the product, but it was delivered after I was gone.

Well…it has almost been a year today and I received an email from my brother (yes he needs motivation sometimes) but wow look at the results…

Maybe you should make your product available to more people through hardware stores. The employees at Lowes in Tennessee have never heard of your product. I bet you my brother is glad he got a hold of it and will tell others. Thanks

That email was sent in 2008 and we are so proud to announce that 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner can NOW be found in hardware stores around the country – even in Tennessee. We love hearing success stories from customers and seeing the before and after images that are emailed to us. Thanks for sharing!

Before and After Pictures

Customer Photos

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