Amazing Results of Outdoor Multi Surface

When it's time to paint and stain the exterior surfaces around your home, you want to do it right the first time.  30 SECONDS Outdoor Multi Surface was designed for:

  • No Pressure Washing required
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Deep Cleans, and draws stains out of the surface
  • Spray on & simply Hose off
  • Instant Results and plus it’s Safe around plants and lawns

Outdoor Multi Surface deep cleans, drawing out stains so they can be rinsed away with a garden hose. It has an easier rinsing action too, keeping soils & ions in suspension longer on vertical surfaces. It’s designed for those large surface areas, simply spray on, wait a few minutes and rinse off

A Sherwin-Williams sales representative tested Outdoor Multi Surface on his home in Florida and sent us the before and after pictures.  See the results.  All of this was done with no pressure washer, simply spray the cleaning solution on and rinse off with a garden hose.

The first set is looking down at  a basement window well.  You can see the stains on the frame.  The second set of pictures is looking up at a gutter and soffit.  The gutter shows stains from the dirt and debris leaking over the edge.  Also the soffit vent shows dirt and grime which is all cleaned away with a simple application of Outdoor Multi Surface.

When cleaning, it's often recommended to start with the top and work your way down.  Next, he cleaned his lanai.  It is a painted area between the house and the yard.  The dog uses this door to go in and out of the house, so you can see the tracks of dirt in front of the sliding glass door. Since this is cement and porous, he left the cleaning solution on for about 10 minutes then rinsed off with a garden hose.


Before and After Pictures

Customer Photos

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