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It seems like just yesterday that we made the decision to go from our local roots to being available at stores nationwide.  Back then, we were experts on how to remove stains from Algae, Mold and Mildew, but growing a business was going to take some new tools, knowledge, and approaches. 

Enter MAP Management System™ and the development of our Vital Factors Team. MAP has helped us to focus our goals, and therefore our efforts, to pinpoint what is Vital to 30 SECONDS.  Armed with the tools that the MAP team gave us, we forged ahead, growing our business from our beloved following in the Pacific Northwest, to become a household name from Sea to Shining Sea. We now boast over 12,000 stores on our Online Locator, and can be found just about anywhere you’d find Algae, Mold and Mildew.

As it turns out, it's not just our valued customers that have noticed the growth. We were delighted when it was announced, earlier this week, that COLLIER Manufacturing (that’s us!) has won the 2016 MAP 12th Annual Presidential Award!


 So, what is the Management Action Program, and how did it help us grow?

 In their words, MAP is, “A Proven System for Transforming Your Business and Your Life” and provides the “discipline, accountability, practical tools, and success measures.”

This is just what 30 SECONDS needed to grow to a nationwide presence that can now be found in most hardware, home and garden stores across the nation.

 In our words:

 This Management Action Program brought a structure to the forefront of my thinking. This discipline has allowed our Vital Factor Team to create robust growth goals, while still ensuring we circle back with everyone else's goals so that we all grow in the same direction.”

-Jill Collier

MAP and the development of our Vital Factor Team was and is integral to our continued growth. While it may seem common sense that everyone work towards achieving goals, it is Vital that we all have the same goals in mind. This amazing program helped to make that happen.

 The MAP program is an integral part in keeping our Vital Factor Team focused on the Vital Few, challenging the team to stay focused with achieving their respective Goals and Controls. The key take away is staying focused as a team and not as individuals, to achieve and exceed the company's Goals.”

-James Collier

 James is also a big fan of the Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule. This basically says that 80% of results come from roughly 20% of your efforts. For example, Vilfredo Pareto, for whom the principle is named, noticed that 80% of his peas came from 20% of the pods in his garden. One of MAP’s tools was how to apply this Law of the Vital Few to 30 SECONDS.

"Map has taught me a lot, it is still a learning process every day.  Staying focused on the important things that help this company grow and remain profitable is key.  Map has two Meaning to me “don’t sweat the small stuff” & “focus on the problem not the person”

-Holly Carlin

"MAP-Trains your mind to succeed as an individual and as a team, working together towards obtainable personal goals while maintaining a clear picture of where we need to be as a team."

-Steve Miller


It is amazing what happens when you take a product that does what it says and a team of people that care about each customer, then give them the tools they need to succeed! Congratulations to our Vital Factor Team with MAP. No resting on our laurels, we are ready to take the 2017 Presidential Award next.

Click here for the full Press Release.

About 30 SECONDS® Cleaners
  • 30 SECONDS Cleaners are proudly made in the USA
    Troutdale, Oregon and Manchester, Tennessee
    (503) 669-1953

About 30 SECONDS® Cleaners
  • 30 SECONDS Cleaners are proudly made in the USA
    Troutdale, Oregon and Manchester, Tennessee
    (503) 669-1953