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“Mix half solution-half water, spray over desired area, let sit for 15-20mins and then rinse with the hose. Not too shabby for the minimal effort needed. This saved me having to pay someone $100+ to come power wash my walkway.
— Lindsey P.

 I took 30 Seconds down to my fishing camp in Louisiana with great success. Note the picture on the left had the mold/algae growing all over the vinyl siding and the stairs (hard to see it on the stairs due to the morning shade). I sprayed 30 Seconds on with a pump sprayer and brushed in. Total job took about an hour with great results.

This place is an old shack, but it looks better than ever thanks to your product! Note: The results sold my neighbor on the product and he is getting it for his deck.

 Thanks for the awesome product
— Len D.


“We live in Canada about 100 miles West of Toronto.  We have a 2 story home in Mount Dora, Florida which has large wood verandahs at the front and back of the house.  We can't believe how well your product works at removing the mildew, mold etc from our residence.  We used to painstakingly use a high pressure washer to clean the wood but now we simply use your product and a hose. This is an unbelievable product.  Thank You!!!!!”
— Robin M.  

“I used 30 seconds on my French doors which were covered by years of neglect and pollution. I mixed it up as per directions used a long handle brush to apply and hosed off. What a result. I looked at my shower and thought why not so I did, I followed the instructions and sprayed my shower and now it is as clean as the day I built it. You can't go past a quality product like this”
— Tony T.   

“live in southwest florida,mold and mildew is a constant problem. fiberglass boat seats turned black with mildew, washed with brillo and purple cleaner. no luck thought I would have to buy new seats.a neighbor said try this, [30second cleaner] 1 minute later rinse and two seats look as new as the day I bought them. thank you”
— Emanuel V. 

“I am HOOKED! I love your product! I have been using it for the past two days throughout my house and it has not disappointed me in the least. I live in central FL near a nature preserve and have an awful amount of mold and mildew because of all the trees etc. and was so happy to see all of it come off my outdoor furniture and sheds. I am only sorry that I didn't know about your product sooner.  I will spread the word about your product to all my friends etc. Thank you for making such a great product.”
— Liz R. 

“I used this product to clean my aluminum patio a few months ago after previously trying a few other products including bleach. This product delivered as promised, and I was thoroughly satisfied. Not many products can say that now a days. I try to recommend this product whenever my friends and family are doing this type of chore.”
— Jeff T. 

“I just wanted you to know it's great to find a product that actually performs the way the labels states. I will be using 30 seconds cleaner in the future and will highly recommend it to others. Thanks for offering such a great product.”
— Jim P.

“At last a product that worked exactly as shown on TV. It was really great.”
— Ron H.

“Thanks for the great product that makes my life so easy!! We are in Northwest Washington next to a very wooded area that stays wet, so every year I use your product to remove the green mold and I am always so thankful and happy — I just had to tell someone!!

Very kind regards and a thankful heart!!”
— Michael

“I just wanted to drop you a line about your product. It worked better than I expected, wow! What a difference, and what an awesome product. I just ordered more for some other projects. Thanks again.”
— Mark S.

“Not only am I impressed with the product, I am impressed with your prompt, thorough response. Thank you...and much future success”
— Barbara O.

“I am really excited to tell you how well your product works. I am a teen who had to do yard work this summer and your product saved me a lot of time! worked just how the bottles said it would. I would recommend this product to anyone...I've attached some photos to show how well it worked”
— Allie L.

“Thanks for your fine product, 30 SECONDS”
— D.S. Deskey

“Finally a product that works as advertised!!!! Made my deck look brand new...”
— Tracy A.

“I can't thank you enough for the fantastic customer service. It's a rare blessing to find a company that cares about the folks who support them. Keep up the good work...”
— Deanna O.

“Your product is the best in quality and value for use on our fiberglass boat here in Seattle”
— Tim D.

“I just wanted to give you a hearty 'THANKS' for your wonderful product. My house was sided with the first generation LP particle siding and I constantly have a problem with dark algae and moss. I used your product for the first time this summer and was amazed how well it did. The parts of my house that I have completed looks freshly painted. Thanks again for your wonderful product”
— Phil S.

“At last a product that worked exactly as shown on TV. It was really great. Here in the Northwest, I have to wash the mold off my patio every spring, normally having to hire a pressure washer. Not so this year, sprayed on your 30 SECOND Cleaner and with the garden hose it cleaned the green mold off. The surface looked better then the day it was put in. Thanks for a product that's really remarkable”
— Ron H.

My husband and I just used the 2 gallons of 30 Seconds that I ordered earlier this week. We have owned this home for 12 years and the algae on the cement front porch, sidewalk and part of the driveway had gotten progressively darker, turning some areas black. These areas are almost always shaded and I finally got fed up with the patchy look and discoloring in the cement.

I am so happy that I found your web site. The product worked great and I keep looking out the front door at my now very clean front porch. Since I only ordered 2 gallons to see how it would work, I just placed an order for 4 more gallons; 3 for us and 1 for my neighbor who came over to see what we were up to and was amazed at the results.

Thanks again for such a great product.”
— Karen W., Strongsville, Ohio

We have been looking for something to clean our outdoor vinyl furniture, with not much success. We have tried everything! I saw 30 Seconds advertised on TV when I came home with it last week, my husband scoffed and said 'Another cleaner?'

Well, your product did exactly as what you advertised. Unbelievable!!! The furniture looks brand new and sparkly white! So easy to use!

Thanks for finally coming out with something that advertises what it does!”
— Milly E., Grants Pass, Oregon

“I love your product and just ordered more.”
— Linda L.

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