Complimentary Customers on 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners

We often hear from customers that bring their purchase of 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner to life. Here is Eloise and Christina's excitement, shining through.

Eloise called us and shared her story:

"She has been battling cancer and her husband is ailing so they haven’t been able to clean their outdoor area.  Since her husband hasn’t been able to work out in the yard, she had been pressure washing.  But since her onslaught of cancer, she hasn’t had the strength to do so.  She happened to see a looping video about 30 SECONDS in her local Bi-Mart last year and bought a gallon.  She still didn’t have the strength to use it until this May.  Looking in her yard this year was very depressing to see, she happened upon the gallon of 30 SECONDS from the year before, in her garage.  She used it on her black grungy birdbath……AMAZING!  She couldn’t believe the results.  She went from the birdbath, to the statue of the Virgin Mary covered in algae, and an art piece from her daughter-in-law.   She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  She called her friends and they went down and bought their own bottles.  Eloise felt compelled to contact us and tell us how thankful she is, to COLLIER Mfg. for making this wonderful product.  This is a godsend for anyone, let alone older people who are struggling with health issues.  She wanted to make sure that I told everyone about her experience....Eloise F, age 74."

Christina emailed us, once she received her on-line order.

PS: I really LOVE the product because my Jayco tent trailer  was not properly stored (wet)

When I opened it 3 months later, I saw many mold colonies the size of dinner plates all over the canvas.

Please do advertise it for tent canvas; it  completely removed all the mold in the trailer areas, no matter what kind of surface. It also removed the stains & smell from the  canvas , without any damage !!

Thanks again, we love your product

These are simply fun. If you all have similar stories, please share.

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