It's clean, when YOU want it clean®

• Cleans stains from algae, mold, and mildew         • Safe around lawns and plants          • Kills lichen and moss

Which 30 SECONDS® Product do I need?


Before & After Pictures


New Look, Same Great Product!
We are pleased to roll out a new look for our 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners! The new label is designed to make cleaning easier for you!  Our outdoor cleaners are easy to use and the new packaging highlights the simple instructions and amazing results.
Get To Know: Gary Probst

Gary is our newest addition to the Sales Force but he is definitely not new to the industry.

His adventures with COLLIER Mfg began in March, 2015 but he has known James since ‘way back when’. This is the joy of our industry. Companies change, things evolve but the good people are always around.

A Tribute to Al
As the developer of our original product, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner, Al Goetz was a colleague and friend to everyone at COLLIER Mfg. We celebrate the man that was appreciated for his bright, authentic character and straight forward approach to life.