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Spring-Clean with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners!

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, spring has officially returned!  Now is the time to begin planning your attack.  After a long, winter's nap, your house is ready to wake up and look its best.  30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners are here to help you give your whole house a deep-cleaning, so you’ll be ready for summertime fun.  There are many great reasons to create an outdoor home spring- cleaning plan. Keeping your house clean and sparkling will help you maintain it and extend its overall life, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs.  Safety concerns are another reason to consider regular home cleaning.  Slippery algae, mold or mildew covered steps and ramps can lead to unfortunate and preventable accidents. It is good practice to regularly clean these areas to avoid any potential problems.  Of course, your house will look amazing too!  You will be the envy of the neighborhood and ready to host those summer parties with pride.  Simply spray on, let soak, then rinse.  Bring on the barbeques!  You and 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners have got this!


Here are a few ideas to consider when planning your Spring-cleaning projects.  Please always test the product as directed before use.  For guidance in picking the right formula for the job, click here

Wood and Vinyl siding, Brick walls, Stucco: 

You will be blown away with how effective 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners are on virtually every type of siding out there.  30 SECONDS Multi Surface Cleaner is specially formulated to be used on vertical surfaces.  Just saturate, wait, agitate with a brush if necessary, and hose off.  No harsh pressure washing needed.  This is great for prepping to paint and will help the paint, stain or varnish adhere and form a tighter bond.  Don’t worry about your plants and shrubs. These products are safe to use around them when used as directed. 


Front door:

The front door is often a focal point of your home's exterior, providing curb appeal and personality.  Whether painted or stained, vinyl or wood; In time, all can become dingy and dirty and your beautiful focal point can slowly become an eyesore.  Keep it clean and welcoming with regular cleaning.  

Roof, Eaves, and Chimney:

    Mold, mildew, and moss can cause your roof to degrade and even warp and leak.  Regular cleaning can help to prevent unnecessary damage and expensive repairs. An overtime treatment, such as Spray and Walk Away, makes the job much safer and easier, eliminating the need for unnecessary time spent in risky positions. 









    Windows and Screens:

    The wind, rain, and elements don’t take long to leave their mark on your windows.  While you are cleaning your siding, give your windows a cleaning too!  We recommend you give the glass a thorough rinse to avoid any leftover residue. The dirt and grime that is trapped in screens and window tracks can be easily eliminated without the need to scrub each one by hand.




    Decks, Stairs, Ramps and Porches:

      It is good practice to clean wooden decks once a year and composite decks every two years, or as suggested by the manufacturer.  Stairs and ramps should be cleaned at least once a year and more often if needed. A dirty, slippery surface can cause someone to fall and be injured.  In damp environments, mold, mildew and algae can spread along the nooks and crannies, and a simple hosing off or pressure washing may only make the problem worse allowing them to regrow at will.  Save yourself time and a headache with a soft cleaning using a hose and a cleaner formulated to remove all signs of algae, mold and mildew. It will make the job quicker, easier and much more effective.

      Paths and Walkways:

      Think about the areas people move, around your house.  Cement paths and walkways can become slippery and invite falls.  Flagstone garden paths can also become a hazard if ignored.  30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners can quickly and easily help you keep your property clean and safe.  Simply spray on, let soak and rinse!  If the surface is highly textured, such as stone, you may want to give it a quick scrub with a stiff broom before rinsing.  This will ensure the product gets into all of the crevices.


      30 SECONDS Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner is the perfect choice for cleaning fences of all types. Formulated to keep ions suspended longer, vertical surfaces can be cleaned without the need to pressure wash, which can cause damage to the surface. Because of a fence’s close proximity to the ground, it is common for them to become muddy and covered in mold and algae which can lead to rotten wood. A quick cleaning with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Multi Surface Cleaner will help protect as well as keep the fence from looking dilapidated.  


      Pots and Planters:

      Pots and planters might not be moved frequently and are often a perfect location for mold and grime to build up.  Terra-cotta, ceramic, stone or brick, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners can handle it all.

      Play equipment and Yard toys:

      Our products are safe to use on children’s play equipment.  Spray on, wait for the recommended time listed on the bottle, and rinse thoroughly to ensure that those dirty plastic playhouses and slides will be ready for little hands and feet this summer. 

      Pool slide or Pool equipment:

      Items that are wet and dry for regular time periods provide a great breeding ground for mold, mildew and algae. Gunk can quickly begin to grow in and around the pool.  Give your pool toys and equipment a quick cleaning with 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner for that instant clean.  But remember to avoid letting cleaners run into the pool water. 

      The Pool/Hot tub steps:

        Areas that see wet, bare feet always need to be kept clean and safe.  The need goes up when you add in raised steps or slippery surfaces.  Carefully evaluate the walkways around your hot tub and pool for areas that need special attention. 

        Patio furniture:

        Ideal for cleaning your outdoor furniture before the summer season begins.  No more arduous scrubbing down the table and chairs before that first barbeque.  30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner makes it quick and easy.

        Canvas materials:

          Items made out of canvas, such as a barbeque cover or awning, can be difficult to clean and are sometimes disposed of because they appear ruined.  Let 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner save you money on needless replacements. Don’t forget to test the material beforehand in a small inconspicuous spot.


          Staying on top of your home cleaning projects will go a long way towards keeping your home beautiful, and safe while also keeping your hard-earned cash in your wallet.  Evaluate your home with a critical eye, note the areas that need some attention, make a plan and then go for it.  This year let 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners help you give your house an easy spring- cleaning, and you can spend more time this summer doing the things you love.

          About 30 SECONDS® Cleaners
          • 30 SECONDS Cleaners are proudly made in the USA
            Troutdale, Oregon and Manchester, Tennessee
            (503) 669-1953

          About 30 SECONDS® Cleaners
          • 30 SECONDS Cleaners are proudly made in the USA
            Troutdale, Oregon and Manchester, Tennessee
            (503) 669-1953