30 SECONDS' Customers speak out

Holly is our Customer Service Guru and manages all our on-line orders. She often follows up with our on-line customers and asks for any feedback. Below are many, and varied opinions on one of our products, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner. I won your product by calling in to KIRO FM during ...

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Cleaning Concrete, Sidewalks, Steps and Brickwork

Concrete, a surface that can always be slippery... A happy customer, in Washington, cleaned his sidewalk and sent us this photo, so we could brag. Concrete can be a trickier surface to clean, especially for new customers. It is porous, so liquid quickly soaks right in. It is a ...

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30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner on decks and patios

We love to hear stories about our our product criveways without a pressure washer! We had 2 ladies email us at COLLIER Mfg, sharing their 'Woo Hoo' moment. Enjoy! "This is Larry's wife replying since I'm the one who  used it. I heard about your product on the radio, but ...

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Cleaning Trex Decks and Composite Decking

Pressure washing will almost always void your warranty on composite decks so using 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is a perfect way to keep your deck clean.

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Cleaning Mildew from Plastic Trellis and Fencing

Hello! I heard about your product on the radio and decided to try it on our plastic trellis’s that were green with mold!  It worked perfectly and so quickly!  The week before I spent about 45 minutes cleaning just one of them by hand!  What a time saver this is …

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Cleaning resin chairs in Wisconsin

Here’s an email I want to share from Wisconsin: “Noted from the auto reply that you were at a national hardware show featuring your products. Pleased to share I did try the 30 second product on our white outdoor resin chairs clean-up went very well! Much better and easier than ...

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Complimentary Customers on 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaners

We often hear from customers that bring their purchase of 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner to life. Here is Eloise and Christina’s excitement, shining through. Eloise called us and shared her story: “She has been battling cancer and her husband is ailing so they haven’t been able to clean their outdoor area ...

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30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner thanks Vignette Design!

Okay Everybody, Vignette Design has discovered how awesome our product, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner is. Her blog is attached and full of accolades. Happy Reading! Let me know if you all have similar stories. View full article →

30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner on Handyman Billy's Corner

Okay Gang, I came across Handyman Billy’s Corner and have attached his Blog below. I think this highlights exactly what I was trying to relay, in my last Blog entry. This is the ‘Woo Hoo’ effect we all know and love, in the Pacific NW. Enjoy! Handyman Billy’s Corner Cleaning ...

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We Are 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner!

We Are 30 SECONDS. So you may be asking yourself, “What is 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner?” There is quite a buzz through the US, and those in the Pacific Northwest know all about it. Our team, at COLLIER Mfg. has been manufacturing 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner for over 35 years. ...

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